Melanie          Operations Manager and Chiropractic Assistant

Melanie joined the c4w team  as a CA in April 2011.  

Melanie has studied aspects of nutritional medicine, and has worked with several chiropractors over the years. Possessing a mighty zeal for health and vitality, Melanie loves  to get the most our of every single day, and to burn the energy afforded to her from living the chiropractic lifestyle.biopic

I help individuals envision what happiness, health and wellness looks like for them, and I provide a source of encouragement and education to help them embody it.

Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, Melanie has an undying love of the beach and the bush. She adores the space, local produce and clean air, and goes back home to it as often as possible for refills.

Her active lifestyle of regular gym visits, yoga, and bush-walking means that she needs a well-functioning spine and nervous system. Melanie knows the value of good health, and she intends to keep it by continuing to integrate organic food, exercise, rest and schedule of regular wellness adjustments.

Melanie continues to further her knowledge of the science and philosophies that support chiropractic, and is an ever-strong advocate and devotee.  She has instilled her passion for this lifestyle and gentle form of wellness care into her family who are now also enjoying healthier nervous systems and greater quality of life with regular chiropractic care.

Melanie looks forward to leading and inspiring you on your own journey to vibrant health and wellness.


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Laura         Chiropractic Assistant

Laura is our newest CA, joining us in April 2015.laura bio pic

Growing up in the D'Aguilar Mountain Range outside of Brisbane, Laura has had a love of the natural world instilled in her from a young age. While spending her childhood exploring creeks and mountaintops, she also developed a love for gardening, slow cooking and the intrinsic healing abilities of natural wholefoods. These loves have remained with her and are fully ingrained in her lifestyle. 

I help facilitate chiropractic care and strive to bring awareness of holistic health to the community. I believe with every course of action we take, we vote for the kind of body and the kind of world we want to inhabit.

While Laura's professional background is in visual communication, her first and foremost passion is health and wellness. A balance of Pilates, Yoga and Chiropractic adjustments are essential for Laura to function at her best and are an integral part of her everyday life. Recently completing a course in Mat work Pilates, Laura is also a qualified Pilates Instructor. With ongoing studies in Clinical Pilates, Laura continues to expand her skills and knowledge towards her ultimate goal of helping others feel better about themselves - inside and out!