COVID-19 Update


Dear NHW community,

At a time where the World Health Organisation has announced COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) a pandemic, NHW continues to prioritise the health and safety of our patients, staff and practitioners.  Accurate information and education are key to minimising the effects of the virus and we wish to work with you to ensure your wellbeing.

The steps we are taking to maintain a healthy environment are:

  • Educating employees on important prevention measures. 
  • Avoidance of any person with cold or flu like symptoms.
  • Cleaning high contact surface points more regularly and thoroughly.
  • Use of alcohol wipes for our tables and hand sanitiser prior to every consultation.
  • Hand sanitiser available for use at front desk.

We also encourage our community to enhance your own natural immunity:

  • EAT WELL – Eat healthy food and avoid toxins.  Loads of fruit and veggies and avoid processed foods, especially sugar.  Drink lots of water and if supplementation is part of your thing, look at immune boosting ones.
  • MOVE WELL – Exercise is so important to maintaining all aspects of health.
  • SLEEP WELL – At times like this, it’s super important to get a good amount of sleep and rest.
  • THINK WELL – Stress less, spend time being mindful, meditate, get into nature.  These are great techniques for decreasing your cortisol levels which directly impact your immune system.
  • CONNECT WELL – Slow diaphragmatic breathing and GET ADJUSTED.


At times like this it is important to remember to show kindness and compassion.

We are being updated daily by the Australian Chiropractors Association and are following their lead.

We encourage you to stay informed but be mindful of the sources you are using.

Please do not hesitate to call or speak to your practitioner if you have any specific concerns.  We are here to help.