Chiropractic FAQs

What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractors have 5 years of university education, which focuses on understanding the function of the spine and nervous system. The World Health Organisation defines chiropractic as “A health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and these effects of these disorders on general health.  There is an emphasis on manual techniques, including joint adjustment and/or manipulation with a particular focus on subluxations.” Our philosophy is based on the following common sense principles.  They serve as our guide as we assess your health and make specific care recommendations:

  • Being healthy is your normal state
  • Stress (both physical and emotional) can overload your body and nervous system
  • Spinal dysfunction is usually the result of a “stressed” body resulting in poor function and pain
  • Adjustments may help reduce spinal dysfunction

How Do I Know Whether I Need To See A Chiropractor?

Anyone can have their spine checked for spinal dysfunction. Please feel free to call us and a chiropractor will be happy to talk to you about your concerns.

How Often Do I Need To Have My Spine Checked?

Each person has individual needs and must be assessed accordingly. Once this assessment is complete, the Chiropractor can recommend a program of Chiropractic care.

Do I Need X-Rays?

X-rays are usually required, especially if the problem is long-standing or there has been some trauma. All x-rays are analysed and reported by your chiropractor.

As a general rule children will only need x-rays if there has been a major physical trauma.

Do I need a referral from a medical doctor?

Referral is not necessary. Chiropractors are primary heath care providers (the third largest world wide after medical doctors and dentists). Although not necessary, we are always happy to accept referrals from your medical doctor. At Nicholson Health and Wellness we recognise that working with your health team is beneficial for your well being.

What About Children And Pregnant Women?

Chiropractic is appropriate for both these groups. Special adjusting techniques are used for babies, children and pregnant women.

Do Chiropractors Prescribe Drugs?

NO. Chiropractic is non-invasive, therefore drug and surgery free.

How Old Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic began in 1895, over 100 years ago.

How Is My Chiropractor Educated?

Chiropractors must complete a five-year university degree. Chiropractic is recognised worldwide and supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Chiropractors must be registered and licensed to practise by the Chiropractors’ Registration Board.

Why Is The Spine So Important?

The spine is the framework which supports and protects the spinal cord. It has been likened to the body’s switchboard. Most of the nerves pass from the spinal cord through small openings between the spinal bones (vertebrae), to the muscles, organs, bones and the skin. In fact, the nerve system controls and coordinates all organs, structures, systems and functions of the human body, helping to maintain homeostasis (natural physiological balance). Because of the spine’s complexity, its normal movements are easily disrupted. Falls, incorrect lifting, repetitive movements, faulty posture and even illness may cause disruption to the normal mechanics of the spine.

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