Flat Head: Plagiocephaly

The majority of births in Australia result in a happy and healthy baby, however there are some babies born with conditions that can affect them throughout their lives. One condition in particular that has been an increase in presenting to chiropractic clinics has been that of Deformational Plagiocephaly.

This condition occurs when the baby’s head becomes misshaped and it can occur if the baby has been sleeping on its back, insufficient tummy time.

The brain is the most immature organ at birth and it’s incredibly important that babies develop head control by two months old. 

Possible Affects of Flat Head

Sadly, Flat Head isn’t something any baby simply grows out of and it can lead to other problems in a child’s development later in life. Children diagnosed with the Flat Head condition may suffer from further neurological problems and require services such as speech therapy, special education, physical therapy and occupational therapy to aid in their development.

There is no question that every parent wants their children to have the best start in life. The only way we can make sure of it, is if we take the precautions needed to keep our kids healthy. Many medical professionals agree that any signs of Flat Head must be dealt with as soon as possible, instead of the ‘watch and wait’ approach of the past.

It’s extremely important that both parents and doctors keep a careful eye on a child’s development. Only early intervention and correction of any functional or structural issues before they worsen may help to avoid the devastating effects of the Flat Head condition later on in life.