Infants and Children

Assessing child's key developmental milestones

Chiropractic for infants and children may be valuable. As a parent, it’s great to know that the progress of your child’s key developmental milestones can be assessed along the way.


During the birthing process, even if natural, the baby is subject to pressure upon exiting the birth canal and medical intervention such as the use of forceps and vacuum extraction can also create unwanted pressure on the baby’s nervous system.

As your child grows and reaches important milestones such as sitting up, crawling, walking, it will experience falls, bumps, trips and jolts, all of which build up to tension over time. As with adults, interference of the child’s nervous system may affect its health even without obvious symptoms.

At Nicholson Health & Wellness we enjoy working with children. Our clinic is a child friendly environment making it very easy for the parent and child to receive a stress free adjustment. Children are entertained by our reception staff during the parent’s adjustment if necessary.

We love seeing children reaching their appropriate milestones. The type of adjustments we use on children are very different to that used on adults. Chiropractors use very specific techniques that are adapted according to the child’s age and individuality.

Remember, this information is a guide and it is recommended you book an appointment with a practitioner so we can thoroughly assess you and discuss your individual treatment options.

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