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Laura Burchill

Laura Burchill - Physiotherapist in Melbourne

Laura Burchill

Bachelor of Physiotherapy
PGCert. Pelvic Floor
Advanced Lymphoedema Practitioner

I am a Physiotherapist with Australian (La Trobe University) and United States (National Physical Therapist Board) qualifications and active registrations. For the last 15 years I have specialised in the area of pelvic health with completion of postgraduate studies in Continence and Pelvic Floor rehabilitation through the University of Melbourne.

I am able to support and provide care to a woman across the life stages from pregnancy and childbirth, continence, menopause, pelvic pain syndromes and cancer related care, in particular gynaecological and breast cancer from pre-operative assessment, acute surgical recovery and ongoing management.

I have been able to combine my general physiotherapy skills and pelvic floor training with the management of Lymphoedema.

Exercise prescription, Manual lymphatic drainage and compression sleeves are effective tools in managing the swelling.

In the United States I was able to utilise my Advanced Lymphoedema training through the Vodder school to establish a breast cancer care program within the Allied health rehabilitation stream.
Patients were scheduled to see a therapist preoperatively for baseline measurements (limb circumferential and GHJ mobility) and provided with post-op advice and education. Post-operative appointments were scheduled at time points relative to recovery such as removal of drain tubes when progression in mobility is allowed and before and after radiotherapy. Long term effects of radiation therapy cause fibrotic changes to the fascial and muscular body increasing the chance of rotator cuff trauma and glenohumeral joint dysfunction. Radiotherapy also increases the risk for developing lymphoedema.

I think you might see that I am quite passionate about what I do! I am excited about the prospect of treating patients in the private setting. My goal in treating a patient is to provide them with the clinical skills and knowledge to empower them to actively manage their health condition. The ability to provide and offer care across health disciplines is very attractive and reflects my own health beliefs.

I look forward to meeting you!