Lower Back Pain: What Causes It?

If you’ve ever experienced lower back pain, you’re not alone! According to a study called, “Low Back Pain in Australian Adults” published by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2004, it was found that around 20% of adults in Australia suffers from low back pain at any one given time.

That’s a fair chunk of the adult population, and when you consider the important function the lower back has when it comes to supporting our weight, mobility and of course, organ and muscle protection, people need to familiarize themselves with the causes and seek treatment.

The Causes of Lower Back Pain

Here are a few of the common causes of lower back pain:

Acute and Chronic Lumbar Strain: This refers to any injuries to tendons, ligaments and/or any of the muscles in the lower back. This sort of injury occurs due to trauma, in addition to over or incorrect use of the muscles, e.g. sitting in a bad chair, sleeping on an unsupportive mattress, etc. Sufferers will experience the pain after the trauma, over or incorrect use of the lumbar muscles.

Nerve Irritation: People can experience nerve irritation in the lumbar spine by pressure caused by bone, surrounding tissues or disease such as lumbar disc disease.

Lumbar Radiculopathy: This refers to a nerve irritation caused by damage to the discs in between individual vertebrae. Disc damage is caused by wear and tear of the disc’s outer ring and/or traumatic injury. This then cause the disc’s softer central core to rupture through the disc’s outer ring, and through the spinal cord and nerves – the creator or sciatica pain.

Conditions of Bones and Joints: These are conditions that people can be born with, and also those that can develop due to wear and tear, ageing, injury and joint inflammation such as arthritis.

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