Probiotics: Definitely Worth Your While During Pregnancy


Are you pregnant? Maybe you’re currently feeling lethargic and unwell with all of those undesirable pregnancy symptoms? If any of that sounds like you, there is hope and it’s in the form of probiotics. Chances are you’ve heard of probiotics, and you may even have taken them before. What you may not know is that probiotics can be highly beneficial to you – and your baby – if you take them during your pregnancy and in the months following childbirth.

In a nutshell, probiotics help promote a strong immune system and the gastro-intestinal health of the person taking them. In pregnancy though, the benefits of probiotics even extend to the unborn baby.

Benefits of Probiotics during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body is working hard not only to nourish you but your baby as well. As a result of the additional stress your body takes on, you will be prone to catching colds, the flu and other viruses that may be going around. Your immune system will be weaker than normal.

Probiotics will fill your body with a huge number of good bacteria to help improve your immune system, resulting in you feeling healthier. Your digestive system will also work a lot better as well with the help of probiotics, which also means you will minimise the chances of nasty constipation as well – also a symptom of pregnancy.

Taking probiotics during pregnancy will also help you reduce your risks of Mastitis. Mastitis is a painful condition resulting from an inflammation of the mammary glands, and it affects up to 30% of lactating mothers.
Mastitis is often attributed to an imbalance when it comes to levels of Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis in the body. As difficult as it can be to treat the condition, probiotics have been found to be effective in restoring the balance and relieving women of Mastitis symptoms. Probiotics keep everything in balance, so it is a good idea to take probiotics during and after pregnancy, to minimise any Mastitis occurrence.

Probiotics are great for your unborn baby as well!
Studies have shown that probiotic strains have been present in amniotic fluid, the placenta and baby’s first stool – and that means great benefits for baby!
Benefits for your baby when you take probiotics during pregnancy include:

  • Improved immunity for your baby;
  • Decreased incidence of Atopic Eczema in baby (if taken during pregnancy and up to six months during breastfeeding); and
  •  Improved digestive health for baby.

Talk to your chiropractor or naturopath about the probiotic that’s best for your pregnancy today!