Save Your Back: Wise Advice when Feeding Baby in High Chair

blog3When you’ve got a bad back, you absolutely know about it. Sitting, walking, bending – even lying in bed – can be excruciatingly painful with back pain, and believe it or not, something as simple as feeding your baby in a high chair can add to the pain.

As a parent, you know just how it can be when it comes time to feed your baby. Normally there are a million and one things going on, and it’s really tempting to do other things while spooning food to your baby. Don’t fall into the trap of doing this though, because undoubtedly, it won’t involve you sitting in the correct position for feeding your baby.

Make sure you sit yourself directly in front of your baby’s high chair

That is unless you want to ditch the chair for squatting directly in front of the high chair, but who wants to do that right? Chances are if squatting to do a bush wee isn’t your thing (and it is hard to do that!), then nor is squatting to feed your baby. So make sure you sit yourself comfortably in front of your baby in the high chair. That way you aren’t bending over to feed your baby and you’re not twisting.

Speaking of which, when it comes to twisting…

Avoid sitting the high chair at the table while you are eating at your seat at the table! That’s because you’ll be twisting in your seat to spoon feed your child in his/her high chair. If you are going to sit your baby in the high chair, at the table, move your seat away from the table and directly in front of your baby in the high chair.

And once the meal is finished, onto what can easily be the hardest part:

Getting baby out of the high chair!

The same rules apply getting your baby out of the high chair as they do putting them in it. Remember to bend your legs and slowly ease your child into and out of the high chair. Make sure as well the straps of the high chair aren’t twisted, so you can easily click your child in securely.