The man with the button phobia


A client who was terrified of buttons, would date girls based on if they wore buttons or not. Yes, that was right. It was seriously affecting his life and he had no idea why. Under hypnosis, his subconscious quickly made the link to where he had learnt that buttons were dangerous. It came to light that as a child he had been dumped with Grandma during a very messy break up his parents were having at the time. Grandma not being the warm, soft type that he needed, sat him at a table, tipped up a jar of buttons and said, “here, play with these.” Even all those years later, that poor little boy was still stuck sitting there at Grandmas table, filled to the brim with anxiety and discomfort. In trance, I brought comfort to that little boy which meant he could let go of the anxiety he had been holding onto for all those years. The resolution of the anxiety and the understanding that the anxiety was not about the buttons, but about the stress of his parent’s separation freed this man from a crippling condition.


What is hypnosis?

Simply put, hypnotherapy has the ability to address subconscious changes in our brains. You know how consciously you want to change a habit like giving up chocolate or to stop obsessing over things, and you make a decision that it will change today, only to find your subconscious has taken you back to your old thought patterns of eating chocolate or obsessing again?! And this makes total sense when we consider that your subconscious is approximately 90% of your brain power! Hypnosis goes directly to the subconscious to make these changes for us – to rewire your brain, so to speak.


How can Hypnotherapy benefit you?

It is a very useful therapy for psychological conditions like


  • phobia
  • anxiety
  • social anxiety
  • depression
  • fear of public speaking

Surprisingly it can also be very helpful with many medical conditions for example;

  • migraines
  • back pain
  • digestive issues
  • weight loss
  • smoking cessation.

This of course is to do with the mind body connection. A client once came to see me in regards to some childhood trauma. She also had a chronic shoulder problem which she didn’t inform me about, as it was not the reason for her visit. In trance, she had a memory of holding a door shut with her shoulder while her violent father who was on the other side, was trying to force his way in to get to her. We resolved the emotions around this memory and she later reported the shoulder that had given her so much trouble in the past, was no longer problematic.

We all know therapy can take time, but over the years I learnt that while patience is required to do the work, there was one therapy that could make some faster changes and that is hypnotherapy.



Sue Jones

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor

Dip Health-Clinical Hypnosis, Dip Prof Couns.