Tummy Time

In 1994, the Back to Sleep campaign was established and recommended that parents place their infants on their back while sleeping. Since then there has been a positive reduction in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, chiropractors are now noting a rise in Plagiocephaly which is flattening of the cranial bones from prolonged back lying.

Unfortunately, it is not an aesthetic issue, chiropractors are seeing the effects of Plagiocephaly such as developmental delays and poor tone in infants.

Parents should note the importance that Tummy Time plays on a child’s development. Infants should be placed on their tummy while awake and it should be ‘active’ which means parents should talk and play with their infants during this time. This ensures they are lifting and turning their head. Chiropactors suggest at every nappy change, Tummy Time should occur for atleast 30 seconds. The lifiting of the infants head aims to stimulate the nerve pathways at the back of their neck improving the messages which travel to and from a part in the brain involved in cognitive (attention and language processing) and motor (muscle strength) development.