Weight Loss Breakthrough: new research could stop childhood obesity epidemic


New research proves tomatoes cause weight gain in some yet weight loss in others (10). This is why your child can literally live on salad and still gain weight! It’s true, let me explain …

After 20 years of researching weight loss, health experts across the globe agreed that environmental pollutants played a significant role on childhood health (2).

However, what is new and exciting is the influence these have on microbiome diversity and everyone who wants to maintain a healthy bodyweight – no matter what age – needs to know this information!

Exciting New Research

Exciting new research is emerging, and the findings are exciting. Children with a few kilos to lose had dysbiotic gut microbiome (1). This correlates well with the latest CSIRO research which identifies microbiomes to be the leading cause of unexplained weight gain in adults. They directly influence key hormones involved in the rate you store and lose fat (3,4,6).

There is plenty of information readily available about bad bugs like candida albicans or blastocystis hominis and their link to weight gain. Testing for these, removing them and eating a gut healthy diet is a start, but it’s not the ultimate weight loss solution.

What’s important to know is flora diversity is crucial to maintaining stable insulin levels and the key is, we all have flora unique to our DNA. Remember the tomato analogy? Tomatoes do make you fat if your flora responds to them metabolically by releasing high amounts of insulin.

The Key To Maintaining A Healthy Body Weight Through Life Stages

Microbiome health influences total health and wellness. Impaired microbiome diversity is linked to learning challenges, autism spectrum disorder and fatigue (16). It’s also linked to complex health conditions in adults.  For starters, it influences over 30 genes involved in the uptake and metabolism of nutrients needed for the prevention of adult health conditions linked to weight gain like PCOS, endometriosis and thyroid disorders and is a leading contributor to non-alcoholic fatty liver and cardiovascular disease. 

Gaining Knowledge and Beating The War Against Weight

Getting tested and having a full metabolic health assessment is the first step forward and this is what I specialise in at Nicholson Health and Wellness.

Knowing this information about your child’s flora helps you tailor their food choices 100% and stabilize insulin. This means, when your child exercises, they can access and burn fat more effectively and store fat at a much slower rate.

After 20 years in weight loss, I know this is the ultimate solution. This is why I’m offering you the opportunity to access the new and exciting Microba DNA test at Nicolson Health and Wellness. It’s the ultimate way to maintain a healthy weight and happy hormones.

Road tested by CHOICE magazine, Microba technology brings proven results. Get assessed now if you want to win your weight gain battle!

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Narelle Stegehuis MHSc HM.

Narelle Stegehuis is a leading natural health provider.  Helping people be healthy for over 20 years, Narelle is passionate about natural accelerated age reversal and environmental metabolic health. Narelle provides specialised content for Torrens University and media publications such as New Idea, Woman’s Day and Women’s Fitness magazines. Narelle strives to create community awareness and affordable programs for the management of complex health disorders.


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