What is Your Posture?

Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Your posture directly affects your health. When posture is bad, unwanted pressure on your spine is increased. This can lead to tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue. Postural imbalance also compresses your internal organs, reducing their ability to function. This may cause issues such as respiratory problems, chest tightness, high blood pressure or poor digestion.

How to check your posture:

Observe someone standing from behind.

Check the level of their:

  1. Shoulders and
  2. Hips

These levels should be even on both sides.

Now look at them from their side and check the position of their:

  1. Head and
  2. Shoulders

They should not demonstrate any slouching or a forward head carriage.

If there is any altered posture reduce screen time and get up and move around. Chiropractors may assess the function your spine, muscles and nervous system and through the right management plan may positively influence posture.