Naturelle Latex Pillow


Naturelle Latex Pillow – Contoured, Adjustable, 4 Size Options

Contoured, adjustable and eco-friendly natural latex pillow
Sustainable and eco-friendly natural latex contoured to support the neck and spine – sleep easy on a pillow that is good for you and good for the planet.

You’ll love the advantages of a natural Latex Pillow

Moulds to the shape of your head and neck to optimise spinal alignment
Features a 2cm removable latex layer to give you two height options
Available in three sizes to suit all body shapes, sizes and sleeping preferences
Durable and luxuriously soft but never loses its shape
Open-cell honeycomb construction enhances air flow
Therapeutically designed and made in Australia
The density of the pillow is 45KGS/CBM

Our latex pillows are a great choice for several reasons:
Eco-friendly, sourced from renewable rubber trees grown in Malaysia
Natural and Non-Toxic
Hypo-allergenic and naturally resistant to mould, bacteria, and allergens
Breathable, provides excellent airflow and prevent moisture build up
Soft and luxurious feel
Durable, never requires fluffing and doesn’t sag or lose its shape
Pure, natural, eco-friendly latex

Produced from pure natural latex, harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of the small tropical tree Hevea Brasilienesis. This is an entirely natural process that occurs in nature and does not harm the tree in any way.

The Naturelle Latex Pillow is available in three adjustable sizes:

Low Profile: Designed to support teens, smaller frames & adult back sleepers.

Medium Profile: Suits average physiques, and those seeking a ‘normal’ sized pillow.

High Profile: Suits side sleeping, broader shouldered physiques, and those of average physique who prefer a higher pillow.

A children’s version is also available and can be seen in the children’s pillow range.

All natural and great for pregnancy

Sleep better and wake refreshed with this soft and comfortable latex pillow. It’s the perfect companion during pregnancy. It promotes side sleeping which is recommended during the third tri-mester.

You’ll love using the latex pillow for years to come after pregnancy as it supports your body during post natal care and rest. Latex is a durable material, that will retain its shape. Many women find that allergies and sensitivities increase during pregnancy.

The all-natural properties of the Naturelle Pure Latex Pillow make it a perfect pregnancy pillow, and those seeking to avoid chemicals, synthetic and toxic materials.

Foam Discolouration & Air Traps

Please Note: It is also important to keep in mind that by it’s nature, latex can have various cosmetic imperfections, variance in colour or discolouration and/or small tears, none of which will affect its performance, quality or durability in any way.

Any surface imperfections from the moulding process doesn’t affect product integrity or performance & doesn’t constitute a warranty defect. Natural softening with use will also occur & doesn’t constitute a warranty defect.