WorkSpace Week | 2-8 October 2023

Early intervention is the best protection

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It’s WorkSpace Week – that time of year when we at Nicholson Health & Wellness turn our spinal health and wellbeing focus toward preventing workspace injuries and minimising the impact work-related disorders have on our patients to ensure they can work well anywhere.

An initiative of the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), WorkSpace Week is dedicated to minimising work-related disorders that can have a long-term, debilitating effect on both physical and mental health that impacts workers’ overall quality of life.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the leading Work Health and Safety issue in Australia. Those most at risk include community and personal service workers such as healthcare, aged care, childcare, NDIS and disability service workers; while machinery operators, drivers, labourers, technicians and tradies are also among those with the highest rates of physical work-related injuries.

These disorders can include a range of muscle and joint problems that occur anywhere in the body, but especially the spine. When these problems impact on your nerves, they may alter body function and create health issues, such as numbness, tingling, weakness and other problems.

Body stressing caused by poorly executed lifting, pushing, pulling or bending, using computers in non-ergonomic workspaces (in an office or at home), poor posture, driving a vehicle and repetitive strain injuries can all cause work-related musculoskeletal disorders including chronic neck and back pain, shoulder stiffness and headaches that we can effectively treat at Nicholson Health & Wellness.

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Mental stress in the workspace can also impact workers physically and if left unchecked, can trigger these disorders including tension and cervicogenic (neck related) headaches that effect workers’ concentration, productivity, social engagement and their overall wellbeing and quality of life. The good news is work-related disorders caused by physical or mental stress can be minimised and respond to treatment if diagnosed early. For those at risk of these disorders, it’s important they consult a chiro because early intervention is the best protection.

Our university qualified team can advise you on the steps to take to help prevent work-related back and neck injuries; how to set up an ergonomic workspace, how to effectively manage stress, improve posture, provide exercises to improve spinal health and stabilise core muscle groups, and provide guidance on rest and maintaining a healthy diet to promote overall health and wellbeing.

However, should work-related disorders occur, by seeking early effective chiropractic healthcare, we can provide effective treatment and help prevent deterioration, improve recovery, reduce severity and help minimise long-term implications including depression and overuse or reliance on medications for chronic pain which can be harmful.

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To promote the need for all Australians to work well anywhere, during WorkSpace Week, Nicholson Health & Wellness is inviting patients to hold a #StraightenUpAustralia exercise challenge in their workspace by using the Straighten Up app and then share across social networks video or images of your exercise activity promoting #MyHealthyWorkspace.

Your #StraightenUpAustralia exercise challenge will help increase awareness of preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders and improve the overall spinal health and wellbeing of work colleagues. Not only will it help prevent injuries, but it can foster a highly positive team environment, so make it fun, be energetic, get creative and be part of #StraightenUpAustralia during National WorkSpace Week in the first week of National Safe Work Month!

This WorkSpace Week, contact us on (03) 9486 4111 to make an appointment so we can help prevent or effectively treat your work-related musculoskeletal disorder so you can work well anywhere.

For more information on WorkSpace Week or to access free resources including an Ergonomic WorkSpace Week Checklist, exercise posters, factsheets and the Straighten Up app, please visit

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