Acute Otitis Media: Ear Infection

The great majority of ear complaints in children consulted to chiropractors involve infection of the middle ear. While spontaneous recovery from acute otitis media is common, the administration of chiropractic care may be effective in both shortening the natural history and reducing the severity of symptoms. 

Ear infections are extremely common in children as their eustachian tubes (ear canals) are horizontal, as they start to grow and develop these tubes will become more vertical allowing for efficient drainage of fluid.

 Chiropractors inspect the ear both internally and externally and perform hearing tests along with spinal, cranial, lymphatic and nutritional assessments. Chiropractic adjustments allow for an improvement in the nervous system and as an effect may strengthen the immune system. It may also aid in clearing the body’s sinuses and lymphatics. Other recommendation are provided according to your presentation.