With the Temperature Dropping… Probiotics are a Kids’ Best Friend Against Colds and Flu

There’s nothing worse than seeing your child fighting cold and flu, and with the days getting shorter and the temperature moving southwards, chances are you might be thinking of the cold and flu season. What can you do as a parent – if anything – to try and minimise the pain and discomfort of colds and flu for your child?

Just when you thought there’s probably very little you can do, the good news is that we’re not entirely powerless against winter and its tendency to facilitate colds and flus. Instead, we have a very good friend we can call on – probiotics!

How do we know probiotics can help kids against cold and flu?

Medical studies into the effects of probiotics on children, concerning the incidence and duration of colds and flus have been conducted in recent years. They have found that in children who receive daily, combination probiotic capsules, the incidence and duration of colds and flus decreases significantly.

The incidences and duration of fever, coughing and rhinorrhea have been lower in children receiving daily probiotic doses (with combination probiotics more effective than single probiotics), when compared with children who do not receive probiotic intake daily.

What to do next to help your children this winter?

Talk to our naturopath at Chiropractic Health clinic about the best probiotic treatments to help your child keep colds and flus at bay or at least to a minimum this winter. Chiropractors and naturopaths are the experts when it comes to making the best recommendation for your family.

Remember as well, probiotics may help mums and dads stay healthy as the temperature drops, so be sure to get some valuable probiotic advice for yourself while you’re at it!